Saturday, April 19, 2008

Saudi Visa Checking at the Airport

In many cases, the passport department has stopped affixing the usual exit/re-entry stamp on passports. They only mention the visa number and the validity of the visa - all jotted down by hand. This could create problems with the airlines while returning from your country, as the counters check the visa at the time of check-in.

To avoid this problem, go the Saudi Arabia Ministry of Interior website:

And then:
1. Select English
2. Select E-service (3rd tab on top)
3. Select passports (on the left hand column)
4. Select Query exit/re-entry visa
5. Enter Iqama number (family Iqama number is mentioned in the passport)
In the same window enter passport number or visa number
6. Another window will open up showing all the details of your exit/re-entry visa.
7. Print this and carry with you. You can show this document if the airline counter questions your visa.

Incidentally you can also view other details like traffic violations, visit visa application, etc. on this site.


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